**Hi I'm Jim, a UX designer based in London.

I work in user experience for XR, Projection Mapping & Compositing video technology for the live experience industry.**

My Background

The year 2000, A-level Media Studies, I first got my hands on the Apple I-Mac G3. This crazy alien UFO was out of this world and my family PC back home was firmly back on earth. Apple's marketing ploys worked, it was punk, I wanted to be punk; I knew I wanted to work with this technology every day!

I went to Film School, moved to London and started a career as a video editor. I worked for ITV, Zone and Sony Pictures Television working in technical and creative roles creating a range of content. As I expanded my skills in digital animation I became interested in other aspects of design including UX.

I took a course with the The UX Playground and **over a year re-purposed my skills through a user experience lens and learned the ropes of human centered design.

In 2018 I started my career as the sole UX designer with Disguise. During my time here I have worked to improving the user experience of their Designer software interface (a niche 3D projection mapping software; allowing users to pre-visualise how their video content will look on stage). Our UX team has grown and since then I have been an integrel part of the products development as it became the premiere XR extended reality tool for film and broadcast & installations.

Looking for my Resume, its right here!

James Knox_CV.pdf


My UX Toolkit

My Toolkit

My Work

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